Call for Papers

Please click on Online Paper Submission to submit a descriptive abstract (in English; max. 350 words) for one of the sessions listed below (in order to view the session abstract, click on the session title). Deadline for submisson is July 1st, 2020.

All paper abstracts will be evaluated by the respective session organizers until mid-July. Be aware that all participants need to register regularly on the website, registration is already open. For general questions concerning abstract submission and registration please write to


1. "In between " – Other and self of young people from ethnic/religion different families
2. (Arctic) Mixed Economies
3. “Smallness” as an analytic category in medical anthropology
4. A canoe in the middle of the world: Insights into Aquatic or Amphibious Mobility, Ways of Transport and Worldview construction in mobile and semi-mobile societies
5. A country unlike any other: social and cultural otherness in Israel
6. Against 'Dead Prose': The Pursiut of Literary Anthropology
7. Anthropological Collections - From colonial acquisition to postcolonial provenance research and restitution
8. Anthropologists at the interfaces of knowledge: Possibilities of anthropology in environmental issues
9. Changing Cryospheres: Global Warming in Polar and Alpine Settings
10. Changing Cryospheres II: How to Communicate the Challenges of Climate Change?
11. Digital Ethnography: Revisiting Theoretical Concepts and Methodological Approaches
12. Environment and Intimacy from Human to More-Than-Human Perspectives
13. Environmental Imaginaries: Beyond Text / Beyond Observation
15. Hierarchies of Citizenship: Migration and the Political Economy of Provisioning
16. Human-environment relations and conflicts - Current issues from multi-disciplinary social sciences and ethics perspectives
17. Humanitarianism in the Context of Forced Migration
18. Language, Art and National Identity in North Africa
19. Living with changing environments in an overheated world
20. Managing and sharing ethnographic data: challenges and opportunities
21. Multiple Positioning of Educational Anthropology in Austria
22. New economic anthropologies: Past, present and future(s) of a sub-discipline
23. Peaceful civilians? Boundaries of civility in peace and conflict
24. Purposes of the Production of Knowledge and the Positionality of the Researcher in the Middle East and Beyond: Methodological and Theoretical Approaches
25. Roundtable: Current Trends in the Anthropology of Forced Migration
26. Socio-cultural setbacks and the rhetoric of the „New Right“ in Brasil: An Anthropological analysis
27. The juncture of dis-/comforts: Environment and tourism in mountain regions in Europe and beyond
28. Conveying Anthropology (Young Scholar's Forum)
29. From Schools of Anthropology to Anthropology of the School (Anthropological Pedagogy: Sharing Ideas and Experimental Findings) (Young Scholar's Forum)
30. More than a cliché and the dream of the South Seas? Young research in and about the South Pacific (Young Scholar's Forum)