Call for Papers

Deadline June 1st, 2018. Abstracts must not exceed 4000 characters.



Anthropologies of the Environment: Acknowledging complex interweavings and building integrative frameworks for understanding (Emerging Scholars’ Forum)
Anthropologists in quest for organizational success?! Contemporary Business and Organizational Anthropology (BOA) in Central Europe.
Dangerous Worlds: Encounters of Art and Violence
Digital Visuality
Engaging with "Homo Narrans": Storytelling and the Imagination in Ethnographic Research
Ethnographic Museums – Knowledge Production, Education, Organization
Global Palestine- Research approaches beyond national frames
Human entanglements with infrastructures: mobility, sociality, and the built environment
Lost in Digitalization: How can Anthropology Navigate the Digital?
Loving the Other: "Radical Connectivity" in Ethnographic Fieldwork
Migrant versus refugee: An arbitrary distinction?
Migration and housing in contemporary cities. Opportunities to stay, move and settle
'More than Flight' - A Mentored Young Scholars Session on Refugee Studies
More-than-Human Imperial Legacies and the Capitalocene
Moving with/through things
Portable panopticons: (in)visibility, intimacy and exposure in the age of democratized surveillance
Power, Capitalism and Ecology in Rural Central-Eastern Europe
Refugee regimes, questions of integration and the challenges of communication
Sovereignty in an Unequal World: Anthropological Perspectives
The "Wild" (beyond the) West? Human-animal relations and the shifting frontier of 'wilderness'. A roundtable organized by the TANDEM/ "Bewildering Boar" project
The Case Nueva Costa del Plata: Political Ecology of Urban Ecosystems in the Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2008- 2016
The Ethnographic Collection as Palimpsest: New Perspectives in Museum Anthropology
The 'layered cake' of neighborness: everyday interactions at different scales
Theorizing social change: social organization, complexity and inequality
Tracing the Intimate
Transforming Health, Transforming Healthcare: The Insights from Post-Scoialist Worlds
Women, Land, and Food Security in Rural India
Working in and on for-profit organizations in Central Europe