Scientific Program


KEYNOTE: Diversity In The Anthropocene - A Biosemiotic Perspective
2. National identities and cultural production during the dissolution of Yugoslavia and beyond
3. Challenging mechanisms of exclusion - Romani mobilities and social networks in Europe and beyond
4. Between protection and participation. How to do research with children on difficult subjects
5. Knowledge-Transfer between Theory and Practice in Educational Anthropology
6. Mediated Time and Temporalities of Media
7. Exploring everyday narratives in the shadow of conflict: uncovering social meanings in the Middle East and beyond
8. Campus Ethnographies
9. Moving bodies, moving boundaries
10. Creative Ethnography
11. Taking a Break - Anthropological Reflections on Resting while Travelling
12. Ethnographies of Infrastructure: Changing Work Places in Mediatized Society
13. Environmental activism and citizen science in comparative perspective
14. The Seasonal and the Material: Anthropology of Seasonal Practices
15. Narrating older age: Reflections on the meaning of ageing
16. The long-term implications of migration in the intersection of ethnicity, class, gender, and space: the Israeli case
17. Ethnographic Media Practices
18. Hunter-Gatherer Resilience
19. Researching climate/environmental change from a more-than-anthropology perspective: The challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary and multi-epistemic knowledge production
21. Studying who study the ‘other’: Ethnographic gaze & Ethnography from the margins
22. Transforming intersections between art and environment in Oceania
23. What Is the Future of Anthropological Collaboration with Russia?
24. Infrastructure and the Built Environment in the Anthropocene
25. Going Beyond Victimhood in studies of Child Migration (Young Scholar's Forum)
26. Scale and/as the Everyday - Ethnographic perspectives on practices of scale-making (Young Scholar's Forum)
29. Waiting and State-making narratives (Young Scholar's Forum)
VANDA Open Sessions 1-5